Iantw, llc. is a web design consulting company with the mission of empowering all of its members to have a dynamic state-of-the-art web site. We complete our mission with web site managing features as easy as sending an e-mail. iantw develops each of our community members’ websites with the latest programming code, PHP, MySQL, Java, AJAX, and Top Open Source CMS software on the net. Plus, we give our community members the choice to use integrated software to manage their site themselves or have iantw manage it for them. You might be thinking it can’t be that easy but it is. If you can send an e-mail and use Microsoft Word, you can add your own content to your web site each day. All of our sites are developed for our community members and include our Internet training seminar.

    Web Hosting service
    DNS services
    e-mail services
    Network installation and set-up
    Domain Name services
    Spam Services- prevent spam
    If you have an old static site that you'd like updated, it might not be as expensive as you think, plus your site is going to look better.

    We also offer Leadership Training seminars. We understand most businesses lack good leadership in the management ranks. Our Leadership Training seminars will give you the tools to find the true leaders in your organization and help you put the right people in the right place at the right time. The seminars are guaranteed to re-energize your staff and increase productivity in your organization. Contact us about seminar information

Whether your business is small or large, iantw can meet your needs or we will not take on your project. iantw would like to focus on developing a relationship with each member of our community. This enables us to catch each other’s passions and visions, giving us the best possible environment to develop, and maintain the most desirable web presence for your website. Contact us today for an appointment.